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Polygraph Testing Jacksonville Fl

Covert Options Offers a broad range Polygraph test in Jacksonville Fl. With a success rate of 98%, Covert Options is recognized as a leader in the private investigators field. We provide a complete range of general and data investigations, surveillance, fraud prevention and lie detection services, insurance surveillance, missing people investigations and more. As a statewide one-stop shop, Covert Options offers a flexible, integrated approach to investigation that saves our clients millions of dollars each year.

We also offer Infidelity surveillance .

With bases of operation in Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Tallahassee , Tampa & St Petersburg Areas, Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Alachua, Williston, Lake Butler, Trenton and Chiefland, Covert Options has a network of highly experienced investigators; serving Florida statewide. Out of state investigations are performed by Kevin Hamill, founder and Chief Investigator.

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Polygraph Test Jacksonville FL

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Kevin’s Ten Signatures of a Liar

  1. Liars repeat questions when asked buying time to think of an appropriate innocent response.
  2. People often pause when lying, giving them time to invent a story.
  3. Liars verbal and nonverbal behavior are in conflict, they say no but may be nodding yes.
  4. Liars deviate from their normal behavior. A liar who speaks with pauses will suddenly become a rapid talker.
  5. Liars deny specific aspects of a crime. A liar wont admit to stealing $400. When they stole $399.50.
  6. An innocent persons denial grows stronger over time and they get angry. Liars dont get upset-they want to convince you that you are wrong about them.
  7. Liars are not proud about being deceitful and unconsciously lower their voice
  8. A lie is hard to remember. Liars change their story over time.
  9. Liars are evasive and try to change or gloss over the key points.
  10. Liars avoid eye contact, they dont want to see the target of their lie.

Finding out whether your spouse is cheating on you is an emotional and difficult process that requires careful consideration and thought. One way to discover the truth is by administering a polygraph test, also known as a lie detector test.

Polygraph tests measure physiological responses such as heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing patterns to determine whether someone is telling the truth or lying. However, before resorting to this test, it’s important to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about your suspicions and feelings. It’s also important to consider the potential consequences of administering a polygraph test. It can be invasive and may damage the trust and communication in your relationship, regardless of the results. It’s essential to take time to carefully evaluate your options and consider whether a polygraph test is really the best course of action for your specific situation.

Cheating Spouse

Dealing with the suspicion of a cheating spouse can be a deeply disturbing experience. In such times, the use of a lie detection test services can often provide a sense of clarity and closure. A lie detector test, also known as a polygraph test, is aimed at measuring and recording physiological responses to determine if someone is being truthful. This non-invasive and scientifically backed method can help uncover the truth by monitoring indicators such as changes in heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing patterns.

The test is typically conducted by a trained professional polygraph examiners in a controlled environment. While it is not foolproof and should not be the sole basis of making decisions, it can serve as a powerful tool in resolving doubts and suspicions within a relationship. The process of undergoing a lie detector test can open up lines of communication, allowing both parties to express their concerns and discuss the issues at hand. Ultimately, it can assist in either rebuilding trust or providing closure, allowing individuals to move forward in their lives with confidence and peace of mind.

How much does a Lie Detector Test in Jacksonville cost ?

The cost of a polygraph test can vary depending on several factors. Generally, the cost of a polygraph test can range from $200 to $800 or more. The price can be influenced by factors such as the location, the experience and expertise of the examiner, and the complexity of the examination.

In some cases, additional fees may be charged for travel expenses or for conducting the test outside of regular business hours. It’s important to note that the cost of a polygraph test is often not covered by insurance and is typically paid out of pocket. While the price may seem steep, it is essential to consider the accuracy and reliability that a polygraph test can provide in certain situations, such as criminal investigations or employment screenings. It’s always recommended to research and choose a reputable examiner who offers transparent pricing and a thorough explanation of the process to ensure you are getting the best value for your investment.