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Kevin's Ten Signatures of a Liar

  1. Liars repeat questions when asked buying time to think of an appropriate innocent response.
  2. People often pause when lying, giving them time to invent a story.
  3. Liars verbal and nonverbal behavior are in conflict, they say no buy may be nodding yes.
  4. Liars deviate from their normal behavior. A liar who speaks with pauses will suddenly become a rapid talker.
  5. Liars deny specific aspects of a crime. A liar wont admit to stealing $400. When they stole $399.50.
  6. An innocent persons denial grows stronger over time and they get angry. Liars dont get upset-they want to convince you that you are wrong about them.
  7. Liars are not proud about being deceitful and unconsciously lower their voice
  8. A lie is hard to remember. Liars change their story over time.
  9. Liars are evasive and try to change or gloss over the key points.
  10. Liars avoid eye contact, they dont want to see the target of their lie.
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With a success rate of 98%, Covert Options is recognized as a leader in the private investigators field. We provide a complete range of general and data investigations, surveillance, fraud prevention and detection, insurance surveillance, missing people investigations and more. As a statewide one-stop shop, Covert Options offers a flexible, integrated approach to investigation that saves our clients millions of dollars each year.

With bases of operation in Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Tallahassee , Tampa & St Petersburg Areas, Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Alachua, Williston, Lake Butler, Trenton and Chiefland, Covert Options has a network of highly experienced investigators; serving Florida statewide. Out of state investigations are performed by Kevin Hamill, founder and Chief Investigator.

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Kevin Hamill

Gainesville Florida Private Detective, Private Eye, P.I., PI Kevin Hamill founded Covert Options in year 2000, after nearly 10 years of experience with 5 private investigation agencies, where he worked as a private investigator up to Vice President of Operations. Face Trained in the French Commando School, Kevin has the skills necessary to handle every type of investigation. From 1982 to 1995 he served in Desert Storm and the Military Police in Germany. He was trained in Military Police Investigations for the Criminal Investigation Division, Nuclear Physical Security, Tomahawk Missile Movement.

Presently, Kevin Hamill’s Covert Options employs investigators in Gainesville, Tampa and Tallahassee, serving the entire State of Florida. Kevin serves as the company’s Chief Investigator and designated detective for out of state investigations.

Covert Options is recognized as a leader in investigative solutions. It provides a complete range of general and data investigations, lie detector test, missing people services, surveillance, fraud prevention and detection and more. As a statewide one-stop shop, Covert Options offers a flexible, integrated approach to investigation that saves its clients millions of dollars each year.

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