Covert Options utilizes all Mini-DV 3CCD camcorders with night vision capabilities to ensure a broadcast quality end product on DVD.

Our firm owns 11 separate camera systems that include: .
  • Outdoors videotape capability through a camera system that captures 60' of footage from 300' away.
  • Indoor pen, button and tie camera with hidden hard drive storage worn on our investigator’s person.
  • Indoor air cleaner, book, VHS, and light bulb camera systems for in-home surveillance.
  • We can design and build a custom camera system to fit your home.

* We utilize only in house full time investigators throughout the state of Florida. Outside the state of Florida our investigator Kevin Hamill will conduct your investigation on a case-by-case basis.y through a specific interview and a plan to ensure behavioral patterns prior to the actual surveillance. The use of GPS systems ensures that your companion is monitored effectively.