With a success rate of 98%, Covert Options specializes in locating hard-to-find people. The majority of Covert Options business comes from large personal injury firms who need to locate missing people when everyone else has failed. Covert Options also works with private individuals under a strictly confidential agreement. Unlike Internet services and for fee investigation companies, we confirm the location of the subject prior to your final report.

People Location Service




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Why It Works

Initially, we painstakingly search billions of public and non-public records contained in several pay for databases accessed by licensed investigators and police. They include:

The three major credit bureaus, utilizing Social Security numbers
Date of birth accesses
Past ten years of residences, owned or other.
Driver’s license records
Inmate locator searches
Voting records
Phone numbers
3 generations of relatives
Death indexes
Professional licenses
If, after utilizing and organizing the above information does not produce a verifiable location we begin the investigation into every aspect of the subject’s life until we confirm his or her whereabouts. Keep in mind this is a national service.

Our Rates

Basic Unconfirmed Background Search: $99
Companion Background : $199
Confirmed Location: $249