Cheating Wife, Husband, Spouse Surveillance, Florida Private Investoagotors Covert Options prides itself on a proven system to test your companion’s honesty through a specific interview and a plan to ensure behavioral patterns prior to the actual surveillance. The use of GPS systems ensures that your companion is monitored effectively.
  • Working a lot of overtime.
  • Excessive use of the Internet.
  • Unaccountable Hours.
  • Hiding the cell/house phone bill.
  • Saying “It’s your imagination”
  • Receiving hang up phone calls.
  • No longer interested in sex.
  • No longer wearing a wedding ring.
  • Saying “It’s your imagination”
  • New sexual techniques.
  • Saying “I need my space”

With bases of operation in Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Alachua, Williston, Lake Butler, Trenton and Chiefland, Covert Options has a network of highly experienced investigators; serving Florida statewide. Out of state investigations are performed by Kevin Hamill, founder and Chief Investigator.